A Burlap Coffee Sack Pillow Cover

I made another pillow cover. A burlap coffee sack pillow cover. Clearly I have a pillow problem.


This is completely, totally, and utterly inspired by this post over at Funky Junk Interiors. I’ve wanted to turn an old crate into an ottoman for years because of that post, but a crate never really fit into my ~decor~ until now.

This is an easy DIY. Get yourself a burlap sack (hardware stores or farm stores usually have them) and a pillow. Wash and dry the sack on a gentle cycle and low heat, for they usually smell funky.

I didn’t follow anyone’s particular method on actually making the pillow cover. I just went for it. I stuck the pillow inside the sack.


Cut off all the excess, leaving the side seams intact.

And then closed the open seams by tying them shut with twine, placed every 2 inches or so.

It’s rustic. And very easy.

There is that one tiny gap where you can see a little of the pillow. I’ll fix that eventually by just moving the twine over. For now, it stands.

Go forth and make pillows.

See you later!