Clothing Envy: Ava Crowder

I haven’t done one of these Clothing Envy posts in ages (the last one was for “Cranford“) but I have been crushing on the style of a few certain ladies for awhile now and thought it was high time to do another post on the topic.
One of the TV shows this household is a bit nuts about is “Justified.” We’re still not caught up with it completely and we’re waiting for the last season to stream on Amazon Prime, but the first 4 seasons will do for now.
My favorite lady on the show? (Besides Mags Bennett, who is awesome in her own criminally-inclined fashion. Or Aunt Helen, ditto.) Ava Crowder, played by Joelle Carter. There are a whole bunch of reasons why Ava is a total badass, but we’ll stick to the clothes today.




Here’s what I like so much about Ava’s style – it’s accessible. As much as I love period costumes and dresses from the ’50s, they’re just not practical for me. Or most people, for that matter. Walking dogs, stacking firewood, and mowing the lawn are not activities conducive to keeping vintage clothes in good shape. Vintage clothes, for me, are special occasion clothes. My everyday style is more…Ava Crowder.


Dresses (usually very feminine ones) paired with either jean jackets or leather jackets, with pumps or boots. It’s killer.
Even wearing jeans, the pattern continues – nice jeans, feminine top, slick jacket.
I’m already a boots, leather jacket, and jean jacket kind of girl, so I just need to step up my game a bit and put it all together. (At the moment I’m a dress-and-cardigan wearer, which makes me look like Amy Farrah Fowler. Maybe a touch less frumpy, but still. STEP. UP. GAME.)
Until next time…rock those leather jackets.
See you later!

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  1. Looks like I need to check out "Justified" as I don't know a thing about it, but I agree with you. I could seriously take some fashion tips from Ava.

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