DIY PVC Picture Storage Tubes

DIY PVC picture storage tubes. How to make picture storage tubes. I had a helluva time naming this stupid post. These are a sturdier alternative to cardboard mailing tubes, but I can’t call it that, because you can’t mail these. Right? This little DIY was less expensive than buying cardboard tubes. The world is weird.

So. To the hardware store I went, and bought two 5 foot sticks of 2-inch PVC pipe.

Then I grabbed 4 of these 2-inch end-cap thingies.

These are the maps. Sorry for the slightly-out-of-focus picture, and also for the fact that these resemble gigantic doobies.

The really big map is one of Yellowstone that my parents found in their garage when they bought their house. I am overly protective of that one.

The husband cut the pipes down to size, and you can figure out the rest.

Now I can store the maps anywhere I please, without fear of them being squished or getting wet. Now if you’re looking for acid-free storage, you’ll have to look elsewhere, but for everyday storage these are perfect.

PVC. Who knew, right?