Turn a Regular Pillow into Two Throw Pillows

A few months ago I switched back to a feather pillow, as they are the only pillows I’ve ever used that don’t go flat. Instead of throwing the old one away, I kept it. Why? Because you can turn a regular pillow into two throw pillows. (I did not come up with this idea, I found it on Pinterest. I am guilty of just tossing old pillows.)

Here is the pillow of shame. The went-flat-in-two-months pillow.


Cut in half.




I removed some of the stuffing so I could get them pinned shut.

And now. Whoever said it was easy to sew that hole back up was lying through their lying liar hole. I had a hell of a time sewing them shut. Could have been operator failure, could have been because it’s an annoyingly fussy thing to have to do.

But once they were sewn shut, I had two little pillows. (The pillow I used was a regular queen pillow, BTW. A big king size will make two larger throw pillows.) Following the same tutorial from Hey There Home that I always use, I made the covers from a piece of remnant fabric. (It’s actually the darker version of the same fabric I used on another pillow.)



I now have pillows all over the living room. Probably too many. Like, one day I might be swallowed up by them, never to be heard from again.

See you later!