How to Make a Curtain Rod for $5.00

Curtain rods are stupidly expensive. There. I said it. After deciding that $30+ was way more than I wanted to spend, the husband and I figured out how to make a curtain rod for $5. Yes, I said five dollars.

Here’s what you need:

1/2 inch x 10 foot piece of metal conduit = $1.49
Two 1/2 inch copper bell hangers at $1.15 each = $2.30

That brings us to $3.79. If you decide to paint the rod it will cost a bit more, so you’ll have to add the cost of a partial can of spray paint. Which should bring the grand total to somewhere in the $5 vicinity. (If we’re being technical, I actually made 2 curtain rods from one piece of conduit, so the price is less than $5. I’m a money-saving gangsta.)

The conduit can be found in the electrical department of a hardware store, and the bell hangers in the plumbing. There are a lot of different hangers you could use for the conduit, some that are even made specifically for conduit, so the bell hangers are only one option.

Step one: Bell hangers. (<– Affiliate links are used in this post and there’s one of them.)


Step Two: Bell hangers, meet Krylon. You will be very happy together. (Don’t forget to paint the heads of the screws!)
Step Three: Measure your window, and grab a pipe cutter. Cut your conduit to the correct length.


Step Four: Introduce conduit to Krylon.

Step Five: When all the paint is dry, assemble! Or, if you’re like me, find a big strong man to do it for you while you take pictures. Remember to put the curtains onto the conduit before hanging it.


These hangers can be mounted flat on a wall, or upside down.


Step Five: You’re finished. Relax.



Normally a long curtain rod costs a minimum of $15, so this is a pretty big savings. Aside from that however, these curtain rods rock my socks because they don’t need any center supports, and can handle heavy curtains without bowing and sagging.

While I would love to take credit for this idea, it was actually my husband’s. The man flatly refused to pay $15-$20 for a curtain rod when conduit pipe is so cheap. He’s a keeper.

See you in a few days!

7 thoughts on “How to Make a Curtain Rod for $5.00

  1. Love it – and I have been VERY annoyed that curtain rods won't support my super cozy insulated curtains. Now I know what would work better. Thanks.

  2. Good idea, especially with heavy curtains. We've used 2 large screw-in teacup holder hooks and laid a bamboo rod (from a garden center, cut to size) across them. Works well with lightweight curtains. Could do the same with small-diameter pipe. I like it for its price (like your set-up) and for the fact that I can remove the curtains for washing without a screwdriver.

  3. Hi ! I've been on your site, redirecting from pinterest, and i'm very glad i did ! Now i found a cheap way to put a "door closet" on all of my playroom shelves (stuva from ikea… 8 little closet, 25€ each door arghhh)Thanks !

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