How to Cut a Men’s T-Shirt (So the Neck Stops Strangling You)

There is a stupidly long story as to how I ended up not only figuring out how to cut a men’s t-shirt but also buying this shirt, so let’s do the short version, mmmkay? I tried to find a Guns N’ Roses shirt that I had ten years ago (don’t ask), couldn’t find it, but found one that I did like, except the only store that sold it was in the UK, and I didn’t want to wait forever for it to get here. So I went onto Vistaprint and made my own damn t-shirt.

The only problem is that wearing it is like being strangled to death by a meth-addled squirrel. I wear a men’s medium because I hate baggy shirts, but the neck and sleeves on this thing were annoyingly tight.


See!? See how annoyed I am!?

To fix it, grab a pair of scissors (any will work but sewing scissors would be best) and cut the collar off, keeping the scissors just beneath the bottom row of stitching on the collar. Trust me, don’t be a hero and cut the collar off plus an extra three inches of material. DO NOT.
Next, gently stretch the material. This rolls it over, creating a soft sort of hem. Jersey cotton won’t unravel, and therefore requires no stitching or hemming. (This is also why you don’t want to be a hero and cut off several inches – once stretched, the neckline would end up being gigantic.)


It wouldn’t be a bad idea to grab a needle and thread and put a few quick reinforcement stitches into the top shoulder seams, but that’s optional.


For the sleeves, I cut ’em off. I started about an inch out from the bottom armpit and cut up at a slight angle. Stretch the material out.
And that’s that. That was all I needed, and this shirt is now infinitely more comfortable. You can see how wide the neck is now, that’s why you want to be careful around the neck – cut off too much, and once it’s stretched, you’ll have yourself a boat-neck.
I left the bottom hem alone, as that doesn’t bother me. If you want, you can cut that off shorter as well.
The world is your oyster.
See you later!

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