How to Fix a Farting Shoe

While there is seemingly nothing more annoying than a shoe whose sole squeaks on certain types of flooring, I do believe there is one other shoe-related noise that tops it.

The farting shoe.

It’s not the sole of the shoe, it’s the insole. And every time you step down, you hear a ‘poof’ sound. Like a fart. Really attractive. Walking around sounding like you have the walkin’ farts is going to win you lots of friends, lemme tell you.

This issue came to my attention when one of my favorite pairs of boots started making the Dreaded Fart Noise. In both boots. Every time I stepped down on the heel, there it was. I Googled, I asked, I searched, and could find nothing about shoes making a farting sound.


One day it dawned on me to check the insoles, and there it was – both had come completely loose. I figured gluing the original insoles (which are damned comfortable, FYI) would be a lot easier than buying new insoles and trying to cut them to fit the shape of a cowboy boot.

Now. It needs to be noted that what I’m about to tell you will only work if your shoes are making noise because of a loose insole. If you can’t figure out what’s causing the noise in your shoes, you may have to take them to a cobbler.

Ready to fix a farting shoe? To start, grab a tube of this (affiliate link):

Make sure you read the label that mentions all the ventilation/use this in California and DIE/use this and get high as a kite warnings. Did you know that you have to be 18 to buy Shoe Goo? Seriously. I watched my husband get carded over Shoe Goo.

Take the insoles out of your shoes. Aren’t those cute?

Apply a thin layer of Shoe Goo with a popsicle stick. You don’t need to put the glue everywhere; just in the areas of the insole that actually lie flat against the sole. If that makes any sense.

And cram the insole back into the shoe, making sure to smush down the glue. Wait 24 hours. Impatiently. Then try the shoes on and see if they still make noise.




Even the dog is happy.

7 thoughts on “How to Fix a Farting Shoe

  1. This happened to my favorite pair of boots…while I was in a library :(. Definitely going to try this and see if it works. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just buy a pair of slip on Crocs, with a glued insole in it (new style I guess). I just stretch it a bit by submerged it in hot water because it was a tad bit tight, it works, but new problem emerged. It made squishy farting sound on the left pair. Ugh! Now, I have let it dry and its still making the damn farting noise. Its only a few days old of shoes! Gonna try this and see if I can probe the insole off.

  3. I bought a pair of sandals that I just love, for a great price. But they made that horrid farting noise. Talcum powder was no help. I tried one pair of insoles that did no good. Then I put in a pair of Avia relief orthotics, which have a rigid section on the bottom, below the instep and heel. The farting noise is gone!

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