How to Make $1 Dust Bags for Purses

That’s right. How to make dust bags for purses. Go me. (Note – my handbags are not expensive, fancy, or in any particular need of protection from the elements. But I *hate* reaching for a bag and finding it all dusty. Ew.)

Because dust shall not prevail in this household, I went to the Dollar Tree and bought some pillowcases. Note that these are not high-quality cotton pillowcases. They’re $1. But they’ll keep dust away, and that’s all I needed.

I also picked up a spool of ribbon. (So, technically, I suppose these dust bags cost $1.25.)

First, I found the seam along the open side of the pillowcase. The open side of a pillowcase has a large hem, and that’s what we’re about to get into.


I snipped it open with scissors.

I threaded the end of the ribbon onto a safety pin.

Then, I stuck the pin into the open seam, and threaded it through the hem on the pillowcase, working all the way around to where I started.


And that’s pretty much it. I was left with what looks like a gigantic drawstring pouch.

I put a handbag in, folded the excess material over, and tied the thing shut.

That’s that. Back into the closet it went. Next time I switch bags, it won’t be all dusty, and the part of me deep down inside that is an insane clean-freak will breathe a sigh of relief.

2 thoughts on “How to Make $1 Dust Bags for Purses

  1. The old threading-ribbon/elastic/whatever-with-a-safety-pin trick! My mom taught me that ions ago when she taught me to sew. Glad to see you using it, too.

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