Ammo Bag as Camera Bag (A Cheaper Alternative)

Surprise, surprise. I’m still a cheapskate in the new year. I’ve been on the hunt for a new camera bag for ages, but have you ever priced large camera bags? They are hella expensive. (If I’m going to pay eighty bucks for a camera bag, that thing had better tuck me in at night.) So cut to me, at the farm store a few days ago, in the guns and ammo section. Lo and behold. A gigantic padded bag for $40. (This is it on Amazon.)
Now. This thing is huge, which is what I needed. My lenses fit in my current bag, but not the camera itself. This new bag is perfect for traveling; everything I have will fit inside.
Under no circumstances would I actually carry this around, however. It’s for travel and storage. Can you imagine trying to lug this thing through the woods? At Yellowstone? If I tried to get something out of it in Yellowstone I’d knock over a buffalo just slinging it over my shoulder. I don’t really carry anything around with me when I’m out and about, except a spare lens sometimes.
This is it compared to my old bag. (The old bag is from Amazon Basics, and I have zero complaints about it. I just have too much stuff.)
I fit all of my stuff in the bag with no problem, with room to spare. Plus, all the little ammo slots hold camera stuff quite well. Cleaning brushes, my remote shutter, and spare battery all fit.
The bag also came with a removable pouch and sleeve. I haven’t the foggiest what I’ll do with the sleeve, but the pouch could be used to carry a lens.
The only downside is that the main compartment is one big open area. So I cheated, and used the velco dividers from my other bag, and some velcro tabs I already had around the house. I made my own dividers. (You can also just buy padded camera bag inserts.)
I am quite pleased with the bag so far. It’s fat and squishy and I can’t imagine ever using up every bit of space.
I say that now. Talk to me again in five years.
Have a good weekend!