{Sewing} Bedsheet to Bathrobe

I came across this vintage bedsheet-to-bathrobe tutorial on Pinterest, and oh man. That was right up my alley, because there is nothing better than some of those hideous sheets from back in the day. The tutorial is from Melly Sews.

I used a queen sized sheet, and that was plenty big enough for this project. (Do I need to mention that I washed it in hot water to make sure there weren’t any oogies on it?)

This tutorial is easy to follow. I think cutting out the pieces and sewing the sleeves and body of the robe together took an hour. It’s all the hemming that takes sixteen years, but even with endless hemming, the robe took 3-4 hours to finish.

I did make a few modifications. Instead of a knee-length robe, I opted for ankle length. I kept the bottom purple border of the sheet and used it as the bottom hem, and also used it for the sleeves.

There is one important thing to note. If you have…how do I say this…not inconsiderable girth in the backside area, you will need to size this up. I like a loose robe and cut the pieces two sizes too large as it was, and it was still too small. To fix it, I cut the binding 3 inches wider than the tutorial calls for, and now it fits fine.

It’s an easy project, so check it out if you are interested. The original tutorial is for any fabric, not just old sheets, so have at it.

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  1. Cute robe! You always impress me with your ingenuity (even if you borrowed the original idea).

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