DIY Color Switch Dupe for Cleaning Makeup Brushes

I watch makeup tutorials on YouTube, because for whatever reason, I find them oddly soothing. Watching someone else put on makeup is mesmerizing. Lately I’ve been seeing this gadget called the Color Switch by Vera Mona. It cleans your makeup brushes quickly, allowing you to keep using the same brush with several different eyeshadow colors. Obviously I made my own. This is an easy, $2.00 color switch dupe.

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Someone in the comment section (yes, I read the comment section on a YouTube video. It’s not recommended.) mentioned that a hair donut does the same thing.

I was all over that idea. To make one, get thee to your nearest Dollar Tree. Pick up a hair donut and a container to put it in. (You can also find hair donuts here.)
To use the color switch dupe, take a dirty brush…
…swirl it around on the hair donut…


…and that’s it. The texture of the donut remove excess powder from the brush, allowing you to dip into another color. Then you can continue to use the same brush without worrying about colors mixing together and making you look like a raccoon.


This works really well, I was kinda surprised. The texture of the hair donut removes nearly all the powder from the brush, and the donut can be cleaned with soap and water. Now, the original comes in a fancy metal container with a lid, but obviously you can pick up a lidded container right at the dollar store if you would prefer that. I grabbed a candle holder because I forgot about the whole ‘lid’ thing.

Go forth and save money.
See you later!