Maverik Gas Station Breakfast Burritos

The last time my husband and I were in Wyoming, I fell in love. With a burrito. I bought a sausage and green chili burrito at a Maverik gas station and it was amazing. I’m not usually into gas station food, but guys…this was good stuff. As I live nowhere near a Maverik, I figured out how to make Maverik gas station breakfast burritos.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Sausage and Green Chili Breakfast Burritos

Okay, so this isn’t really a recipe, but a method. I didn’t write down any measurements, but just use common sense – you know how much food is needed to feed your family. The amount of filling I made when I took these photos would feed 3 people, perhaps 4.

You will need:

Breakfast sausage

Leftover boiled potatoes (or frozen hashbrown potatoes)



Flour tortillas

A small can of green chilies

Ready? Here we go!


First, brown up some breakfast sausage. I use about 1/3 pound for two people. Several other filling ingredients are getting added to this, so you don’t need a lot of meat. You could also use chorizo.


Grate some of the already-cooked potatoes into the frying pan with the sausage. I boiled some potatoes the night before so they would be ready for me in the morning. Again, you could use a handful or two of frozen hashbrown potatoes. Cheater.

Cook the potatoes until they begin to brown.


Crack some eggs into a bowl and whisk with a bit of milk. I used 2 eggs.


Add them to the pan and scramble ’em up. This looks like a hot mess, and doesn’t exactly look supremely appetizing. But looks are so deceiving in this instance.


Crack open a can of these – green chilies. Warm up some flour tortillas.

Load some of the filling onto each tortilla, and put a spoonful of the chilies on top. Don’t just glob it on there, but spoon the chilies in a line down the center of the filling. That way every bite has a little spice to it.


And then devour. Thank me later.

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  1. I'm from ky out in Wyoming workin also fell in love thank u for the recipe I'm goin have try it asap hope its as good

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