Painting a Door and How to Fix that Kick Plate

Front doors and kick plates are often ignored. Do not ignore. In the last week I painted the door and fixed the rusty kick plate.

Painting the front door is an easy project that really changes the whole look of the house. Seriously. The house looks faaaaaancy now that the door is dark and glossy instead of pale. We painted it on a sunny day, so it would have time to dry. After two coats of paint and about six hours of drying time, it was finished.

Just don’t be like me and screw it up.

Now. The kick plate. That horrible thing that gets pitted and rusty and horrible, and you think you’ll have to buy a new one because it’s so gross.
Remove it, sand it, and spray paint that mother like there’s no tomorrow. I color-matched the shade of spray paint as close as I could to the color of the door knob.
We already had sandpaper and a 3-inch roller (which I highly recommend instead of using a paint brush, as a brush will leave strokes and the application isn’t as even) so we spent about $15 in supplies. This door paint is HIGHLY recommended! (Affiliate link, y’all.)
Not bad!

2 thoughts on “Painting a Door and How to Fix that Kick Plate

  1. Looks terrific! I bet you love it all over again each time you go in that door. And thanks for the hint on the kick plate. You must have been talking about mine as the "before".

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