A DIY Desk Made From 2x6s

We (and by we I mean my husband) built a sturdy desk from 2×6 lumber. Why did we DIY a 2×6 desk? Because I, Queen of Not Measuring Anything, ordered a new printer and then discovered there was nowhere to put the damn thing.
Behold the behemoth. It’s the Canon Pixma Pro-100, for all of us crazies that want to print huge photos at home. (And that’s an affiliate link, FYI.) Once I got it unwrapped and set it next to the laser printer…

…no more desk space.

Because large desks are ridiculously expensive (more so when you consider what you normally get, particleboard covered with veneer) but raw lumber is not, we decided to build one. And by we, of course I don’t mean me.

The premise is simple – L shaped legs made from 2x6s, held together by 2x4s that frame the basic shape of the desk.

(Lordy I cannot wait to have an actual floor in the living room. Jeesh.)

The top of the desk (also made from 2x6s) is removable. It’s held together in one piece by strips of lumber, attached on the underside. The top was then set into the framework, attached to the 2x4s with a few screws, and then bolted to the legs with carriage bolts. If we ever need to move it, we just have to unbolt the top and remove a few screws.

I have a feeling that made no sense whatsoever. Consult the photo.

She’s large. I like to call this ‘The Last Supper Table.’

The top was sanded down to smooth it out and remove any lumber-mill labels, and then I (yes, this was my part of the job) stained it with Red Mahogany stain from Minwax. 3 coats of polyurethane later and she was finished.

I love it. It looks like an old workbench that sat in someone’s garage for 40 years.

The total cost of this desk was about $60 or $70. It was totally worth the polyurethane high I got while finishing it.

This was another project that I was happy to finally knock out of the park, along with the bedroom flooring. I’ll share a few pictures of the finished office later in the week, if I can remember to actually *take* the pictures.

See you later!

2 thoughts on “A DIY Desk Made From 2x6s

  1. Awesome "Last Supper Table" desk! Now how heavy will it be to move into your office? Dare I mention that it was 70 degrees here yesterday or do I risk you throwing your new desk at me?

    1. The table is in the office, but we had to take it apart to fit it through the doorway. It's a wee bit heavy. And yes, if you were within throwing distance, I'd try to toss the desk at you. It's -15 here with the wind.

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