Redneck Vehicle Frame Straightening

Beth’s DIY Auto Repair, Where A Long Chain and Some Gumption Can Fix Anything. I think that’s too long to fit on a business card, but it’ll do. It’s been ages since I shared anything, ya know, head-shakingly redneck around here. But today I’ve got another doozy. Long story short – I finally got my dream vehicle. A Jeep Wrangler. The downside is that it was in an accident. Among other things, the accident knocked the frame crooked. Can you fix a crooked frame? Yes. Yes you can.

That bar thingy across the front should be, you know, not over to the left. We couldn’t find anyone local to fix it on an actual frame straightening machine. Next best thing: two big trucks and a cottonwood tree.

A couple good yanks got the frame almost back to where it should be. Heat applied to where the frame was actually bent, followed by more yanks, got it the rest of the way. It could still go a little further, but it’s close enough. The grille and hood fit now!

This is an alarmingly hillbilly thing to do, but it works. Any vehicle that goes off-road regularly or has been in an accident likely has a bent frame, so I’m not concerned that it’s not perfectly aligned. But the guys (my dad and husband. I was Picture Taker and Supervisor) measured it and it’s a heck of a lot better than it was.

Good enough for me.

This was how we spent our Sunday. Frame straightening. Could be worse, I guess.

See you later!