House Love : ‘Once Upon a Time’

Winter is my boredom time. Much to my husband’s chagrin (because he’s the one that has to hear me wax poetic about paint colors) this is the time of year I spruce up, rearrange, redecorate, and repaint. For the moment I’m planning out a bit of a kitchen makeover, and am getting lots of inspiration from this – Mary Margaret’s apartment in the ABC show ‘Once Upon a Time.’ How much do I love this space? Let me put it this way – if I could, walls would be knocked down to replicate it.




Everything is light, bright, airy, and full of vintage finds. I’ve got big plans to incorporate some of these things into our kitchen, like pale neutrals and open shelving for displaying vintage Pyrex. Now if I could only jack the kitchen ceiling up about 8 feet, I’d be in business!

2 thoughts on “House Love : ‘Once Upon a Time’

  1. At least you have inspiration and ideas. Unfortunately, I missed the creative line and, thus, nothing much has changed around here.

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