Chicks and Apple Blossoms

That almost sounds like a recipe. It’s not. Yikes. Anyway. The chickies are outside, happy, and getting bigger by the day. It’s also difficult to get a good picture of them as they now look like feathered dinosaurs instead of cute fluffballs.



But the real reason I wanted to put up a post today is because of the apple/crabapple blossom situation going on over here. I’ve put a few pictures up on my Instagram, but my crappy phone does not do these trees justice.




Some genius of all that is good and light planted a crabapple tree right outside the master bedroom window. Oh mah gahhhh.


I’ll be honest, the pollen is killing me. All the cottonwoods are doing their whole Death Pollen thing as well, so my allergies and sinuses have been in horrible shape the last few weeks. But who cares. Flowers, flowers everywhere.

And little chickens.

(The downside to flowers, flowers everywhere is that yesterday a hornet the size of a pelican got into the living room and it took me twenty minutes to work up the courage to kill it.)

See you later!