I Ordered Furniture From Wayfair

Months ago (Lord have mercy it was in February) I wrote a post about needing living room chairs. Or a way to somehow squeeze 6 people onto one small couch. Since that seemed a remote possibility I settled for looking at chairs. Most of the stuff I liked came from Wayfair. Did I order anything? Of course not. I waited and waited and waited until finally, when we had another houseful of people, I could not take it anymore. I ordered furniture from Wayfair.

Mostly I ordered furniture online because I went to a furniture store and decided that no, thank you, I would not like to spend $1k on two chairs that would not see a lot of use.

I thought I’d write a post about it because I have never ordered a large piece of furniture sight-unseen in my entire life and was concerned about how the process would work out. I am not the only one with such concerns, so here’s my experience – everything worked out fine. The chairs shipped within 2 days and were here in under a week.



These are the Mercury Row Borst Track chairs. That’s a long and confusing name.


They look good, no? I think so. (I hated them at first, because of course. Why am I like this? Who knows.) They were super stiff at first but have softened up a lot. They feel pretty sturdy; I’m not worried about them breaking.


The entire ordering process went well enough that I’m looking at other furniture online. I have created a bad habit.


Wayfair did not sponsor me, by the way. Wayfair does not know who I am. I am a tiny speck in Wayfair’s universe.

But I like their website anyway.

See you later!