DIY Pier 1 Inspired Pure Local Honey Bee Sign

I saw this sign on Pinterest about a million years ago. Originally from Pier 1, the pure local honey sign caught my eye and I immediately tried to buy it. Not only was it not in stock, it wasn’t even listed on the site anymore.



Well to hell with that. I can make my own sign.



Supplies I Used:

1 piece 1/4 inch plywood, or blank wooden sign. Mine is 17 inches wide by 25 tall, but you can make the sign any size.

– Wood glue or Elmer’s glue

– A laserjet printer or access to one

Acrylic paint

Mod Podge in finish of choice, I used satin

– Picture hangers

First, I thinned out about a tablespoon of wood glue with a few teaspoons of water and painted the sign with the mixture to seal the wood. I let it dry completely, then printed out the images and text I wanted with a laserjet printer. (Ink runs, toner does not. It needs to be laser-printed.)



I cut out all the letters (Like back in my elementary school days when I had more patience for this kind of stuff.) and glued them down with a thin layer of Mod Podge; the masking tape was a guide to make sure the letters were straight.


I glued the bee upside down. As in toner-side down. I smoothed out all the air bubbles and wrinkles and let dry 3-4 hours. 24 hours is best, but I’m impatient.



Using a damp cloth, gently, I rubbed away the paper. The toner sticks to the Mod Podge while the paper rubs off. If you press too hard, the toner will also rub away. This was okay with me; I was going for rustic.

Then I busted out the paint brushes and colored the bottom half of the sign in various shades of blue. I should have done this first and then glued my letters on, but I didn’t think of that, okay? Then I touched up the bee and added a little color.



A thick layer of Mod Podge to seal and protect and a picture hanger or two on the back and that’s that.

While this is going in the kitchen, I haven’t gotten around to hanging it yet.

Of course.

See you later!