House Love: Sheer Curtains

I’m just going to say it – you gotta have sheer curtains. I blame it on watching too many 80s movies as a child. Or watching Hook too many times, that scene right after the kids get taken to Neverland and their bedroom is empty. Whatever the cause, we can all admit to an overabundance of sheer curtains in old movies.



Movie – The Old Dark House



Movie – Rebecca

Of course the only screenshots I could find are from what appear to be old horror movies, but you get the idea. There is just something about opening windows and letting the breeze blow your curtains all over the damn room. Earlier this week it was over 70 degrees outside and I threw open the bedroom windows.

That is some majestic shit, my friends.

Go buy some sheer panels, hang ’em up (I even have a quick DIY for inexpensive curtain rods) and then sigh dramatically as the wind blows the curtains around.

Then yell “HEATHCLIFF!” across the moors.

(No. Don’t do that. I hated that book.)

See you later!