Pruning the Lilacs

Pruning the lilacs sounds like a euphemism for something. I’m prunin’ the old lilac today. Anyway. Weather cooperating, this is what I’m doing today.



The former owners of this house kept up most things but let the lilacs go. They are shamefully overgrown. Look at that mess. But they’re budding and it’s time to prune. By the time I’m done there won’t be anything left; that’s what it feels (and looks) like.



The birds enjoy the lilacs as they are. There are 3 or 4 nests in there. At least someone’s enjoying them in their ramshackle state.

I snapped these pictures last night as we did other yard work. Mainly, raking leaves and other crap out of the irrigation ditch. Wyoming, land of irrigation ditches.



Those are the leaves we raked out last night. Like ten wheelbarrow-loads of cottonwood leaves. In our defense, not all of those leaves are from last fall. A lot of them look like they’ve been in there since Reagan held office.

And yes, that field next to the house is also shamefully untended. Oyyyyy. There are enough tumbleweeds in there to stage a production of Bonanza. This house has no backyard but has two large sideyards. And they are both kinda a mess. Ok, not kinda. A for-sure mess.

Someday I hope to have my English cottage garden in one of those fields. Or I’ll build a stage and do my Bonanza revival. It could go either way.

See you later!