The Chicks are All Right

While I would love to say things have been busy and I’ve been JUST. SO. INVOLVED. in a dozen different things, the truth is that the last week has been spent staring at a bunch of chicks.


They are cute. And growing unbelievably fast.




We do have another chicken. A grown chicken. Somehow she has managed to escape the hell that is me, bothering her and taking her picture. This chicken took up residence in my parents’ backyard last fall and no one claimed her, so now she’s ours.

I mention this other chicken, conveniently named Chicky, because I had full and complete plans to take a few pictures of her and her fancy new coop. Then the weather turned to crap. Flowers are coming up in the flowerbeds, the trees have buds, and it’s snowing.

Chicky gets a last-minute reprieve. Maybe next week she’ll get her photo shoot. She’s been laying big green eggs for two weeks now, she deserves her moment in the sun.

This entire post has been about chickens. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

See you later!