To The Window, To The Wall

I refuse to apologize for getting that song stuck in your head. Anyway, here are some pictures of my husband putting a window into the garage. Not, like, in the garage, but you know. In the wall. Ahem.



We have a Habitat for Humanity ReStore near our house. Too near, because suddenly we’re in there all the damn time. This vinyl window, in good condition, was $20. The garage, sorely lacking in windows, got an upgrade.

This is not very exciting stuff. Far less exciting than I TOOK OUT A LOAN AND RENOVATED MY GARAGE INTO A SQUIRREL SANCTUARY AND IT ONLY COST ME $50K. For example. Although, if someone actually did do that, I would totally want to see pictures.

(The garage, at some point in the last century, used to be a barn of some variety. Does that count?)


I marvel at those people. They renovate before they even move in, or they take out loans and renovate their home within a year of buying it, or they do that thing that scares the crap out of me and they take out a home equity loan. We are a slow moving folk. Small changes here and there until we decide on a huge project. I’m still living with the ugliest ceiling fan known to mankind in the living room, for pete’s sake.



Oh my God get to the point, Beth. The window overlooks…the shed. The shed is bad. The shed, which we believe is an ancient boxcar, is in such bad shape that it leans forward. Like, a lot. The wood is in good condition for the most part, so the shed can and will be salvaged and rebuilt. The lack of rain out here means that wood just doesn’t rot like it did back in Wisconsin.



One more window and he’ll be happy. The rear wall of that garage stall has one tiny window and he wants a biggen. The mountain views from that window are awesome, so I can’t argue.

Not that I would ever argue. I am a princess of sunshine.

See you later!