How to Cover a Cork Board with Fabric

Because part of me is stuck in middle school, I wanted to create a sort of mood board. A place to tack up ideas for the house or garden. The problem is that cork boards are ugly. It took about two minutes on Google to figure out how to cover a cork board with fabric. There’s a dozen ways to do it, this is the just the way I did it.


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For this project you need:
– 1 cork board (I am astonishing you with my intelligence, aren’t I?)
– 1/2 yard of fabric, more or less depending on the size of the board
Spray adhesive
Decorative tacks

First, iron your fabric to remove any fold lines. Then cut it 1/2 inch larger than the cork board itself; don’t measure off the frame, just the cork board. Don’t be like me and cut it too small and then have to cut a second piece of fabric.



I don’t have a picture of the next step because it happened too fast. Take your cork board outside and spray the heck out of it with spray adhesive, trying not to spray the frame. Then, quick like a bunny, run back in and attach the fabric. Let it overhang the frame, it’s fine. Spray the adhesive outside because it stinks and it gets everywhere.

Let the adhesive dry for one hour. Then use a putty knife to push the excess fabric under the frame.




And that’s it. You’re finished, if you want just a plain fabric-colored board. If you want it to be both fancy and schmancy, then carry on.

Push decorative tacks into the corners. This will not only look pretty but will help keep the fabric in place should the adhesive fail. (Watch the size of your tacks – mine were too long and I had to snip the ends of each.)


You can just tack the corners or go all the way around the board. The world is your oyster.



I also bought cute thumbtacks. Again, I am stuck in middle school.

See you later!