Vintage Southern Living Cookbooks

My paternal grandmother, from the mountains of Kentucky, loved her some Southern Living cookbooks. No matter that she lived most of her life in northern Wisconsin. She loved cooking (oh Lord. Her blackberry cobbler.) and cookbooks in general, but I’m talking about vintage Southern Living Cookbooks – most of them are from the ’70s.



It looks impressive, but if you only focus on that stack, you forget about the other stack.



While I don’t remember her using these often, she sure felt the need to collect a lot of them. These cookbooks have traveled back and forth, halfway across the country, like 4 times. I cannot part with them.




Some have recipes that look pretty damn good. Most were submitted by home cooks, some by the Southern Living staff. (I do cook from them occasionally.) In the spirit of being totally honest, however, I do admit that I hang onto all of them because they are so bad.



OH MY GOD WHY. It’s cut off in the photo, but yes indeedy, that recipe calls for a crapload of sauerkraut.




That sounds…vomitous.



Why. Who thought it was a good idea to assemble all that food and then photograph it with the worst lighting in the history of mankind?



But potato donuts? Count me in.

See you later!