This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Because I don’t feel like myself unless I’m behind the wheel of something that may break down at a moment’s notice. I don’t know if it was paying $250 for a damn key, or making payments on something I didn’t like, or the feeling that I couldn’t see out of it very well. But I didn’t like our old truck, and my husband really didn’t like it. We sold it to a local dealership and now my daily driver is 21 years old. I’m thrilled.

It’s like the world has righted itself. Remember the Dakota? That thing was a POS and I drove it for years, even when it smelled like biology class fetal pig whenever the heater kicked on.



Yes. That’s right. I took a golden hour photo of my baby. Look at her werkin those angles.

She’s been put together for awhile now after a lot of work. A stock Wrangler TJ just looks…lame. A lift kit, black rims, mud tires, and a bajillion other things later and SHE’S JUST SO CUTE. And yes, I run through every mud puddle I can find. At one point, she looked clean and shiny.

We did learn something interesting during this process, though. People’s priorities are crazy. When you want to trade in/sell a new vehicle for something older, people tend to think you’re flat broke. And then try to take advantage of that. It should not be so weird to say, hey, I don’t like this gigantic truck and want something I’m more comfortable with. Something older. But it is. Everyone looked at me like I was nuts.

People are weird.

See you later!