Living Room Furniture Wishlist

We’ve got a custom media console in the living room. And a couch. That’s it. The rest of the furniture is, you know, absent. To be decided. Now that the holidays are over and my parents are moving into their new place this week (!) I can start scheming on how exactly to fill all those empty spaces.

*Sung to the tune of “If I Had a Million Dollars”* I would buy the Bowen chair from Anthropologie, if I had my way.



Lawdy mama that’s a fine lookin’ chair. And at $1k it can be someone else’s fine lookin’ chair. (The color I prefer is Flint, by the way.)

I’m not sold on the tufts, but the Chrisanna wingback from Wayfair is nice. And about $800 less than pretty much anything sold at Anthropologie.



The Maultsby chair from Wayfair is also nice. Really nice, actually. I like it.



You can see what I’m going for here – nice clean lines, nothing overstuffed or round. I also prefer furniture up on legs, not sitting right on the floor. These chairs are all on legs, but nice straight legs. Nothing too tilted or mid-century looking.

Is anyone else this particular about furniture or is it just me?

Okay I like this one too. This one is the Garren chair from Wayfair. (I have no idea why all of these are from Wayfair. I’ve never ordered from them in my life but they have, like, every piece of furniture imaginable.)



I may go with one larger, deeper armchair and then one smaller chair. Mix and match it up. It will take me 412 years to make up my mind, if past experience is any indication.

Maybe a velvet accent chair. Green velvet. Then I can be ensconced in velvet.


See you later!