2017 Year in Review

I typed “Yer in Review” instead of “Year in Review.” How fun would that be to say to disappointing people. Someone does something knuckle-headed and you bellow in their face YER IN REVIEW! Anyway. 2017 was a humdinger of year.

In January we moved to big wonderful Wyoming. A place where I can see honest-to-Jesus cowboys on a regular basis. How can that be a bad thing.


We explored and drove around and hiked in the mountains.




In September we bought a house.


In October I chopped most of my hair off.

This year there’s been refinished tables, freshly-built tables, and knitting.

And now, in December, my parents sold their house. They are living with us for the time being. Someday we’ll stop playing musical houses. BUT NOT TODAY.

I’ll see you later, after the New Year.