House Love: You’ve Got Mail

Posts on Ye Olde Blogge have been sporadic. Not for any particular reason other than the vague notion that the internet does not need my pointless word-vomit. So unless there’s something specific to talk about, I hold in the word-vomit. You’re welcome. Today is one of the specific days. I love Meg Ryan’s apartment in You’ve Got Mail.

I always watch this movie around the holidays and always appreciate the set design. The trim. The big wooden chair used as a desk chair.

The wallpaper. The built-in bookshelves.

The open layout. The farmhouse-in-the-city vibes. I even like the way the set designers placed all the artwork – either lined up in rows or collected in groups.

And, of course, wainscoting. I am a sucker for wainscoting.

(Most of these pictures were taken from either Design Sponge or Hooked on Houses.)

I have loved Meg Ryan’s apartment in You’ve Got Mail since the first time I saw the movie. At this point I can quote nearly the entire film, but that’s beside the point. The set design in this movie is fantastic. From Tom Hank’s masculine, streamlined apartment to the vintage vibe in the Shop Around the Corner, it’s all perfect. Even Birdie’s antique-store-meets-plant-store apartment is amazing.

It’s a goal of mine to have a house filled with plants. Someday, my friends. Someday.

I’ve done these House Love posts before – here’s one for Runaway Bride and one for Once Upon a Time.

Go forth and watch You’ve Got Mail.

See you later!