Hot Springs State Park

Things have been quiet around Ye Olde Blogge lately. Not much has been going on, or at least, not much of note. (Our internet was out the week of Thanksgiving. The dog learned a new way to get our attention – she pulls firewood out of the bin by the fireplace.) But on Saturday we actually left the house! To go and do things! Fun things! We went to Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis.

Hot Springs State Park is a section of the Big Horn River. There are hot springs and mineral terraces. We were in town to look at a truck (spoiler – we didn’t buy it) and timed everything so there would be a chance to check out the park.

Saturday morning was not warm. It was less than 30 degrees out and I, of course, did not dress appropriately. But the heat from the water managed to warm my feet, at least.

Mostly I wanted to see this bridge. It’s called the Swinging Bridge. The suspension bridge was built in 1916 to connect one of the springs to a sanatorium. (I didn’t know that until just now. WTF.) The bridge was condemned in the ’80s and restored in the ’90s.

Now. For reasons I don’t understand, I didn’t connect the dots. I did not realize that the Swinging Bridge…swings.

I might have freaked out. A little. When I say the bridge swings, I mean the damn thing swings back and forth. Mightily. Heights don’t bother me unless I’m on something moving (elevator, ladder, vehicle, CABLE BRIDGE) and this baby moves. I couldn’t go on it when my husband was on it as well. It moved too much. He got off and I walked out just enough to say that yes, indeed, I have been on the Swinging Bridge.

After that death-defying experience we stuck to the boardwalks.

Last time we were in Thermopolis we went to the dinosaur museum. We’ll have to go to Hot Springs State Park again, as we were in a hurry and didn’t get to see a few things. The state bison herd, mainly.

Why I always want to go to sulfur-filled places that smell like eggs, I will never understand. Memories of working in Mammoth Hot Springs, I guess.

See you later!

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  1. When I was a child, our family went on a small swinging bridge in the Smokey Mountains. My older sister couldn’t do it. It was too frightening for her. I was young enough, I thought it was fun.

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