DIY Black Iron Pipe Table

Last summer the husband forced me to buy something at an antique store. Yes, I said forced. It was a card catalog thingy. The tag said it came from Yellowstone, so of course…I bought it. Did it come from Yellowstone? I think so, seeing as I worked there and everything there is old. And oak. This card catalog happens to be old. And oak. The question remained of what to do with it, and for months it just sat in the house. Until now. We made a little DIY black iron pipe table.



The catalog has screw holes underneath, so the husband bolted it to angle iron and then to the pipe legs.




This is a Globe-Wernicke card catalog, and I believe they call these stackers. Hence the bolt-holes underneath and on top. The company went out of business in 1955. Other sites mention finding old cabinets and cases with government stickers inside, so it makes sense that this one came from Yellowstone.

To protect the top we cut a piece of countertop to fit and upholstered it in genuine imitation leather.



I insisted on flange feet. Just so I can say flange feet.

Like the rest of the furniture cranked out of our garage lately, this one was reasonably priced. The pipe cost about $65; everything else we already had.

I’m not sure what to put in the drawers, as of yet they’re empty. Soon, I imagine, they’ll get filled with crap.

Go forth and buy pipe fittings.

See you later!

One thought on “DIY Black Iron Pipe Table

  1. This is a treasure and a creative method to convert it to a table. Love it! The legs are perfect to keep it airy to complement the oak. And I learned something new…you worked at Yellowstone. That’s one place I would like to visit one of these days.

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