Dining Chair Decisions

I have no idea how to pick out dining chairs. This I have discovered over the past two weeks. Back in Wisconsin we had a secondhand dining set, meaning that I have never, not even once, bought dining chairs. Therefore, I had no idea there were 87,475 different chairs out there to choose from.

(I also couldn’t pick out a table to save my life, as everything is made from MDF these days and I wanted something solid. Something solid that didn’t cost $1,000. Therefore, the husband is making the table.)

Here are the chairs I liked.



Very mid-century. Perhaps too mid-century, and not appropriate for an old farmhouse. Either way, the reviews went back and forth between these are so sturdy! to these are flimsy! and I decided to pass.

Here are the chairs I really wanted to buy, but did not.



Same dilemma. Too modern. But awesome. I might buy one and use it as as accent chair.

Here are the chairs I almost ordered.



Definitely not mid-century. Kohl’s was having one of those sales where they let you stack 40 coupons and I almost bought these, but the dark walnut seat threw me. Couldn’t do it. Wrong color.

Here are the chairs I actually purchased.



Metal. Bronze. Farmhouse-ish. I have never had metal dining chairs before, so this may turn out to be a mistake. If it does turn out to be a mistake I can always throw them outside and use them as patio chairs.

That’s me, always thinking ahead.

Sometimes. Not really.

See you later!

2 thoughts on “Dining Chair Decisions

  1. I would have the same problem picking out dining room chairs because I’ve always had second-hand dining tables and chairs. Hope you like your new chairs once they arrive.

    1. I honestly had no idea there were so many options. It’s a chair, it shouldn’t be so difficult.

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