The Printers Triple Console Cabinet

An update on the We Have No Furniture Situation: for the most part, we still have No Furniture. But now we have this! It’s the Printers Triple Console Cabinet, from Ana White. The plans to build this bad boy are free. For the most part, we (and by we I mean my husband) followed them.

(I took that picture at perhaps the strangest possible angle, everything looks out of whack. Weird. And yes, someday we will get around to hiding all the TV cords. LOOK AWAY.)

The cabinet took about two weeks of on-and-off work to finish.

The biggest modification made was the number of boards used to make up the door fronts – he didn’t want to make so many cuts, so he used wider boards. He also skipped the drawer slides and instead made a system using steel rods and screw eyes. There are shelves inside each of the three doors, and he also put a thin 1/4 inch plywood back on the cabinet.

Then the console arrived in my department – staining and finishing. I stained the console with Rustoleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Worn Navy. According to them, the stain is filled with pigment for good color and dries in an hour.

This is an egregious fib. The color is teal and did not dry in one hour, but I digress.

The handles are regular old cup-style pulls in satin nickel. Because the widths of the boards on the door fronts are different, we used fewer handles than the original plans.

I love the color. This living room is very…beige. And warm wood tones. I have a much cooler-toned color scheme in mind. The cabinet might not fit in right now, but it will. Eventually. Either way, I love it. It has tons of storage but is still slim enough to fit underneath a TV without looking bulky or sticking out into the room.

All told, the cost of building this cabinet was right around $300, maybe up to but certainly not exceeding $320. Much cheaper than buying a solid wood cabinet.

*I accidentally typed ‘Tripe Console Cabinet’ multiple times writing this and am horrified at the thought of a cabinet specifically designed to store tripe.

See you later!

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