House Love: Runaway Bride

I had something else planned for today, but it’s not done yet. Story of my life. So. Today we have another House Love installment. (I say that like it’s a regular series. I’ve done one other, about Mary Margaret’s apartment in Once Upon a Time.) I bring you the farmhouse from Runaway Bride, a much-ignored movie that I happen to love.

These are all screenshots that I took, by the way. It was annoying, but the only way to get the images I wanted. Googling the house from Runaway Bride will net you absolutely nothing.

The exterior. Wonderful.

And now the interior sets. The trim. The wallpaper.

The kitchen, one of my favorite sets from the movie. Beadboard behind the stairs, wider panels on the walls. White cabinets decorated with Pyrex.

Chairs with caned seats in the dining room, and tall wainscoting with floral wallpaper. I also love the old art they used. Doggies.

And finally, once last look the kitchen. I love the mix-and-match approach to the cabinets; that is something that would never occur to me to do.

Go forth and watch 90s movies.

See you later!

2 thoughts on “House Love: Runaway Bride

  1. Thank you for pointing out the sets as I tend to get caught up in the story and miss the set details. The set designer must truly appreciate you for noticing all of his/her work.

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