Painting an Old School Desk

This house is one of those houses that contains little leftovers from every owner over the years. An old door in the garage has the coolest doorknob ever. Bookends in the garage loft. And tucked into one corner of the garage, an old school desk. Or table. Or something. It’s hideous. Painting an old school desk was never high on my list of desires, but something about this desk begged to be refinished.

It’s from Denver!

Though sturdy, it was scarred and beat-up. And just because you carved your name into it three times doesn’t make it yours, Celina! (Whoever you are.)

I sanded the shine off the worst of the damage and then used white wood putty to fill in said damage. The legs were left alone, as paint will cover all of that. Once dry, I sanded the putty so the paint would go on smoothly.

Because this table was varnished and ain’t nobody got time to sand all that off, I painted the table with oil-based primer. Oil-based primer covers varnish and polyurethane without needing to sand it off first. I always use Zinsser primer.

Several coats of navy blue spray paint on the top and metallic silver on the legs and she was done!

Ooh. Fancy.

The paint will take several days to fully cure, so I can’t put anything on it yet. When it’s ready it will go into the office and be used as my everyday desk.

Whoever invented spray paint is a saint.

See you later!