Spray Painting Old Bookends

It seems appropriate that today, the Autumn Equinox, the red hills around the house are covered in snow. The ground isn’t, but the hills are. I can’t even see the mountains; they are hidden by clouds. It’ll be warmer next week, and the leaves haven’t changed color yet, but…snow. What a perfect time to be spray painting old bookends, right? Right…?

(Last year at this time we got the truck stuck out in the woods. How time flies.)

Our garage, many moons ago, used to be a barn. It has a loft.



I’m not climbing that “ladder.” No ma’am. But the husband did. Of course.

Though he found two old suitcases up there, neither was filled with money. Or war bonds. But one did have these old bookends in it. Cute, but…brown? No. Spray paint can fix nearly everything, though. It took about 10 coats, but I got them covered. (That is what happens when you buy $1 spray paint. Don’t be like me.)



Ugh. So cute. So much better than brown.

Spray paint is a miracle worker. As is Gorilla Glue, but that is a story for another day.

See you later!