Week Three

Today begins the third week spent in the new house. (New to us house. In reality, very old house.) On Saturday the internet was installed. Sweet, sweet internet. I would call it the nectar of life, but we all know that nectar of life is coffee. And that I have in abundance.

The boxes are unpacked and I’m attempting to get the house set to rights. We have a couch and not much else, so the whole “putting stuff away” thing is difficult, as I have no other furniture to put the stuff into.

Thus far I have found roughly 4,182 things I would like to change here. Some things are more easily accomplished than others. For instance, whoever lived in this house before us was a big Pinterest fan. Big fan. We have managed to successfully scrub most of the Pinterest right out of this house. (I’m looking at you, rustic barnwood accents.)



As you can see, the dog is terribly upset by another change in residence. Also, the original hardwood is covered in carpet. And linoleum. I could just cry. And rend my garments.


The husband has been trimming trees. So many trees. Trees and gigantic lilacs that have been untended for years and need a serious pruning this spring. Those gigantic lilacs have two tunnels through them. I have lilac tunnels. So pleasing.



And we have beautiful views of both moonrise and sunset.


While I still have to deal with Pinterest trends and the lack of a dishwasher, there are perks to this place. Like whoever paid to have custom vinyl windows made to fit the old frames so that the house could still have transom windows. God bless whoever did that.

The most exciting part of all this is that we’re settled, apart from the lack of furniture. I have seven cans of spray paint and am ready to rumble. Or DIY stuff. Either way, fun times are a-comin’.

See you later!

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