Legend Rock Petroglyph Site

I took these pictures in June and have sat on them all this time (not literally. That would be weird.) because of all the other petroglyph posts on this blog. Here and here. All two of them. But today seemed like the day to finally publish them on ye olde blogge.

Legend Rock is a state protected site. On a bluff out in the middle of nowhere, prehistoric people carved petrogyphs into the stone over thousands of years. There are hundreds of carvings, some less prehistoric than others. The house petroglyph is a real one, not a graffito.




Now, I picked up a pamphlet that explained what each one likely meant, but can I find it? No. But there are petroglyphs of animals, of men with shields, of people wearing headdresses, of entering other worlds. There’s a firebird and elk.



This is some cool shit. I absolutely love petroglyphs. And if you can find a pamphlet or book that can kind of guide you through what you’re looking at, they suddenly make sense in a whole new way.



This sign did not convince me to stay on the trail. It’s a miracle that I’ve never seen a rattlesnake.

See you later!

2 thoughts on “Legend Rock Petroglyph Site

  1. Wowza! How cool to see them in person. Some of those look other-worldly, don’t they?

    Thanks for sharing. And, yes, the rattlesnake sign would keep me on the trail and watching for snakes.

    1. Having a little pamphlet was helpful, because some of them are so bizarre looking (to our eyes, anyway) that I couldn’t tell what I was looking at. And then I’d check the pamphlet and it was like…oh. Duh. It’s crazy how the symbolism still works, even today.

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