A Moose in the Mountains

I didn’t think I had anything to talk about today, but then I remembered. Moose pictures. There haven’t been moose pictures on this blog, well, since the last time. Since I wrote about Kirwin in 2012, good lawd.

Last week we drove up into the mountains.

There was a waterfall…

…and then my dad almost hit a moose. In his defense, she came careening down a hillside and ran right in front of the truck.

Do moose…careen? Maybe? Under special circumstances?

I’ve seen moose since Kirwin; there are moose in Wisconsin. They are bigger than the moose in Wyoming, so this gal looked downright small to me. (Not really. They’re still huge.)

There’s still snow in places but most of it has melted. Flowers are just now in bloom way up there.

I’m just happy I got to see another moose. Mooses for the win. (Why are some plural words in the English language such a mess. Moose. Mooses. Meece?)

See you later!

2 thoughts on “A Moose in the Mountains

  1. The only moose I’ve ever seen was on the T.V. show, Northern Exposure. We see lots of deer here, but how neat to see a moose. Love the scenery and the picture of the river rushing over the rocks. I thought that was snow, but couldn’t imagine it as this time of year with our 90 degree weather.

    1. It is so hot out here, in the 90s all the time, but we don’t get the humidity. If you go into the mountains it’s much cooler. I think it was in the mid-70s when I took those pictures, and about 95 down below.

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