Women’s Circle Magazine, 1963-64

There’s not a lot to report from my side of the Mississippi lately. There’s, you know, life things. But nothing all that interesting. Therefore. Today seemed like a fine day to share some more old magazines. My last old magazine find was Successful Farming magazine, from 1948. These are much more current; I found a stack of Women’s Circle magazines from 1963-64 at an antique store.

Now. From what I can tell, this magazine ran from 1960-1997. It’s an interesting magazine in that its sole purpose seemed to be bringing women together. Sharing stories, photos, recipes, even old songs. There are entire sections where women wrote in, looking for long lost relatives and friends. In another section they requested pen-pals or wanted to participate in exchanges.



That recipe seems a little…iffy, but hey. It’s peanut butter pie. Also, what the hell is scissor painting? It’s exactly what it sounds like, but what in the world prompted this woman (Nova Lee is a fantastic name) to paint with a pair of scissors?



Don’t know why I blocked out 30-year-old addresses, but it seemed like the thing to do.

But don’t you just wonder if Mrs. Juanita Fay Williams Franke ever found who she was looking for?

I do.

See you later!

2 thoughts on “Women’s Circle Magazine, 1963-64

  1. This is fascinating! You found a real treasure and I’d have fun looking at every issue. Love the name of the cookies, “Before Payday” and what in the world is scissor painting? I’ve never heard of it. I like how you blurred the addresses, but not the birth dates. Oops.

    The patterns are so interesting. I can still remember a dress my mom made and wore with the front pleats as shown in #9407. Memories.

    1. Oh dang, I didn’t even think about the birth dates.

      I love finding old magazines, they really are fascinating.

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