Wyoming Dinosaur Center

My last post mentioned a crystal skull for sale at a museum. The museum in question is the Wyoming Dinosaur Center. I have pictures of dinosaurs. Or their bones, at any rate. Shall we?

I forgot my camera in the truck, so these are my patented Crappy Cell Phone Pictures. But pictures are better than no pictures, so we soldier on.



The museum starts you off with little bitty things. Bugs and weird plants and then fish that look like they could swallow a school bus. As it turns out, I do not like bug fossils. They weird me out a little bit. I was very pleased to come across a turtle. Nice, friendly, gigantic turtle.



The T.-Rex was very cool, but much smaller than expected. And yes. Tiny, tiny arms.



If you’ve been paying attention, you may have seen glimpses of a huge dinosaur behind all the others. He is the reason the museum is in such a big, open building. That’s Jimbo. He’s a 106 foot long Supersaurus. It’s difficult to get a picture of Jimbo with an old phone, but I did my best.



The Wyoming Dinosaur Center is worth a stop. It’s interesting to see how many of the fossils inside have come from Wyoming and the surrounding states.

I sound like a tour guide for Wyoming. OMG, am I missing out on a career opportunity!? Like, sponsor me, state of Wyoming, and I will blog about you for all twelve people that read this thing!?

That’s right up there on the Big List of Things That Will Never Happen. That list is getting cumbersome.

See you later!

4 thoughts on “Wyoming Dinosaur Center

  1. What a fun museum to explore. Last year we visited the Tellus museum in a town north of Atlanta and enjoyed their fossil and dinosaur exhibit, too. It was fun to listen to the parents and kids as they looked at the dinosaurs. Who am I kidding? I was just as excited as they were.

    The Tellus museum also had a space exhibit, a gem exhibit and a history of cars. I’m sure there was more to see the day we visited, but you can only see so much in one day.

    Your pictures were quite good for Crappy Cell Phone Pictures. Thanks for including them.

  2. We just went to see a t-Rex at the Wausau mall. There’s a non-profit called colossal fossils in one of the old shops. They even had a mammoth skull that was dug up in 1992 from the Sheboygan area! I think my mom and I enjoyed it more than my so n.

    1. I should have gotten out more when I lived in Wisconsin, apparently. I had no idea there was anything like that in Wausau, it sounds cool. I thought T-Rexs were huge, it was so weird seeing one and realizing…they weren’t that big.

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