Hoosier Cabinets and Crystal Skulls

I’m in a mood, lemme tell you. I ordered new glasses a while back, with the correct prescription. (I’m supposed to wear progressive lenses, or should I say BifOcALs.) I got them a few days ago and…I don’t need progressive lenses. Reading is impossible, so now I have to send those back.

This morning my phone died. Now I have to go buy a new frigging phone. (It played opossum. As it turns out, I own The Phone That Won’t Die, Even When You Want it To.) But, all it not lost. I did pull all the pictures off the phone. For some reason I have a tendency to take pictures of things I like but don’t buy.

Like this desk. I have never seen one like this. (Disregard the creepy stuff on top of it.) The door opened upward on hinges and locked from the side. So cool. I did not buy it. When I went back two days later to buy it, it was gone.



I have walked past this Hoosier cabinet about 8 times in an antique store a few towns over. The price is insanely affordable. I love Hoosier cabinets. This one was even made in Indiana. Have I bought it? No.



And finally…this. This is not the first time I have passed up buying a crystal skull. Lordy that is a strange thing to say but it’s true.



This skull is at the dinosaur museum in Thermopolis, if anyone would care to buy it for me. It’s over $1,000. Thank you in advance.

The reason I have a ~thing~ for crystal skulls is because of a bad ’80s movie. House 2. I love this movie even though it makes 0% sense. A guy moves into the old family mansion. It’s haunted because his great-great-grandfather had a Mayan crystal skull and his old former business partner is still after it. (I don’t know either.)

Nothing is explained. Why having a crystal skull would make your house open up into other dimensions, I dunno. Why digging up your g.g. grandpapa and finding him alive doesn’t even strike a person as odd, I dunno. Why bad guys are after the skull, which apparently does nothing except look pretty, I dunno.

None of this matters. I love that movie and have since I was a kid, but it imparted on me the strong urge to have a crystal skull. Preferably on a mantelpiece. In the house I don’t have yet.

Trust me, in my head, this all makes sense. I think.

See you later!