I Went to a Powwow

I am having a massive brain fart this morning. Besides forgetting about blogging at all until I had some coffee and remembered, there was something I wanted to talk about. Something. In Particular. I have no idea what it was. So. Powwow pictures!

Tonsillitis be damned, on Saturday the husband and I went to a powwow the local museum hosts every year. It’s not a traditional powwow, more of a competition between different Northern Plains tribes.

My great grandmother was born on a reservation in Wisconsin and yet, I’ve never been to any sort of powwow. WTF.

Though I took a few pictures, they’re not great. I am having a Lens Situation. The camera lens I used is too small, but my larger one is too big, and the one I used to use everyday is loaded full of dust. But you get the idea.

Though the dancing went on well into the night, we stayed a few hours. The dancers were divided into age groups and did different styles of dance. When we arrived young girls were doing shawl dances (SO COOL) and by the time we left the elderly category was dancing. Seeing how the tribes keep the old traditions alive was so neat. The dancing, the drums, the singing, the whole shebang. Highly recommend.

Next year I’ll take better pictures.

I just reached the bottom of my first cup of coffee and remembered what I wanted to talk about. Hell’s bells. It’ll keep. We’ll hit it next week.

See you later!

2 thoughts on “I Went to a Powwow

  1. That was definitely a cool experience. And the tidbit about your great grandmother was even more interesting. You could have been one of the dancers in another life. In fact, I wonder if your great grandmother learned the dances in her childhood.

    1. Unfortunately we don’t know much about her, but I like to imagine that she learned about her heritage.

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