Mountains and Rivers and Tunnels

I restrained myself from adding the “Oh My!” to the end of the post title. You’re welcome. Anyway. Last week we took a drive, because of The Stress. The Stress that happens when you decide you want to look at a house that’s been for sale for 2 years but has inexplicably gone under contract the day you want to contact your realtor about it.

Taking a drive out here is a fantastic stress reliever. Plus, these first two pictures are Crappy Through the Windshield Pictures (™) and I haven’t had any of those in awhile.

Some of these pictures were taken on the road to the east entrance of Yellowstone. The rest were on backroads. (I haven’t gone to Yellowstone yet this year. BUT I SHALL.)



So. This house. Or shell of a house. Or whatever. Someone tried to build this place, directly over the water, and got pretty darn far before he got caught. Why you would want a house directly over a river fed by mountain runoff, a river that has a tendency to flood, I don’t know.

So now it sits. People are weird.


No drive is complete without actually getting out and walking around a bit. To get pictures of the water (not great pictures, but nevertheless) I had to walk through a wooded area with BE BEAR AWARE signs.


I was super bear aware. I was also bobbing up and down, looking around every tree and rock like a moron, but remained bear aware. BEAR AWARE.

And this damn 2×4 bridge in this picture. Yeah that one. The one that juts out over the water. The husband went out on it, so I had to. Why do I do these things. If he goes somewhere I have to go. The man will be the death of me.



That little bridge was the last bit of our traipsing about. These tunnels are on the road out of town (or back in, in this case) and I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of mountain tunnels. They’re a bit sketchy. It’s not that I think I’m special enough for them to collapse on top of me, but…they’re a little nervous-making. Update 2018: I am now acclimated. Bring on the tunnels.


See you later!

2 thoughts on “Mountains and Rivers and Tunnels

  1. While I was looking at your pictures, I was thinking, “Wow, what wide-open spaces you have out there” and then I saw the loooooong tunnel. That tunnel is much looooonger than the tunnels I’ve been through on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Ours are baby tunnels compared to yours.

    1. There are three tunnels heading out of town and that one is the longest. Not my favorite.

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