Medicine Lodge Petroglyphs

Last week there were petroglyphs, this week there are petroglyphs. We drove out to the base of the Bighorns to see the Medicine Lodge petroglyphs. Spoiler alert – it was worth the drive.

Unlike last week, these petroglyphs are part of a protected archaeological site, and are therefore un-messed with. (Except for a graffito by someone named Jinks, dated ’16. There’s a second one about twenty feet away, also dated, and you realize it’s 1916, not 2016.)

Some of these petroglyphs are 100-200 years old, some are far older. Archaeologists have found signs of humans here going back 10,000 years.




The human figures with circles are men with shields. That confused us mightily until a display in the visitor center cleared up the mystery.

The area around the sandstone bluff is quite pretty. (Trees + bridges + water are all things that make Beth happy.) Though the weather didn’t cooperate very well, we trekked all over the place. (On a side note, thunder booming overhead in the mountains makes a smidge more noise than the thunder I’m used to hearing.)


The entire area was beautiful. I checked out when I got home. There’s a ranch for sale right in this area. If we all pool together we can surely swing a $25 million ranch.

I’ll be awaiting your contribution.

See you later!

2 thoughts on “Medicine Lodge Petroglyphs

  1. 10,000 years! What a beautiful area and the petroglyphs are amazing. Definitely, worth the trip.

    As for the $25 million ranch, that’s a wee tad out of my price range by about $24.9 million.

    1. It is really neat to see them untouched by anything after all these years. As far as the ranch goes, I was hoping you were a secret millionaire. Dang.

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