Wyoming Petroglyphs

What the heck is a petroglyph? A petroglyph is a carving on rock made by ancient people. Though 97% certain that these particular petroglyphs have made it onto the blog before, I can’t find the pictures. So. We shall visit these particular Wyoming petroglyphs once again.

These, unfortunately, aren’t protected in any way. Little information can be found online either. From what I can find, these were likely carved by ancestors of the Shoshone.

Not far from Cody, this site can be reached by truck (which would not be a fun ride at all) but we took ATVs.



(We saw a black bear on the other side of that stone ridge. Did I get a picture? No.)

On the way there’s an old cabin, once used by people working in long-defunct coal mine.



A little further and you come to a secluded spot, like a mini canyon. Inside are the petroglyphs.



I didn’t take too many pictures because sadly, much of the sandstone has eroded and there aren’t many petroglyphs left. That, and modern day douchebags have left their own carvings. And yes, if you carve something on an ancient site, you are a douchebag.

Ahem. Anyway. There’s one more old stone cabin, as well.



Petroglyphs are not something I got to see back in Wisconsin, so this is always a cool spot to visit.

Yesterday we, nearly the entire Clampett family, drove for what felt like 4,000 hours to see another Wyoming petroglyph site. Those pictures will probably be up next week, and they’re good ones. (At least I think so, anyway.)

See you later!