The Scarlett O’Hara Drink

In my last monthly book roundup I talked about finding The Joy of Cooking, my white whale of cookbooks. Inside that book is a nice selection of drink recipes, including one called the Scarlett O’Hara. There was never any doubt I would try a Scarlett O’Hara drink. (For the same reasons I routinely make Julia Child’s Queen of Sheba cake for my birthday. I am not low maintenance.)



The Joy of Cooking provides an actual recipe, using actual measurements. This is a much more loose interpretation. It starts with ice in a glass, cranberry juice, lime juice, and Southern Comfort. If you are fancy, you will use 100% cranberry juice (which, outside of Wisconsin, Land of the Cranberry, I cannot seem to find) and fresh lime juice.

I am not that fancy.



Start with the booze. Around a shot’s worth of Southern Comfort in each glass.


I don’t like a lot of lime, so just a splash. Maybe two teaspoons.


Then top it off with just enough cranberry juice to give it a pleasant reddish color. Not too much or it’s too tart.



And that is the Scarlett O’Hara drink. Though I can’t imagine drinking many of these during cold weather, it is the perfect hot weather drink. Cold and tart, with just enough sweetness.

Go forth and imbibe.

Se you later!