This Month’s Books – March 2017

March, where did you go? This month went by pretty fast, as they all have lately. I would say that spring is right around the corner, but since I no longer live in the Land of Snow, spring is already sprung. The grass is growing, the grizzlies have woken up, the trees are budding, and a few days ago I saw a mosquito. (That I could live without.)

Anyway. This month I read 3 books. Let’s get to them, shall we?



Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews. This is one of those rare instances where I did not check Goodreads before I started this book. If I had, I never would have read it.

This is a YA book. The narrator, Greg, is a dorky teen that makes movies with his best friend Earl, a stereotypical angry black kid from a broken home. Greg’s mom finds out that a girl he used to hang out with is dying and she makes them spend time together.

That’s pretty much it. But Greg remains a self-centered douche, and Rachel, the dying girl, may as well just be called The Dying Girl because that’s all she is in the whole book. Barely there.

It is funny in parts. I think it’s one of those you either love or hate, and I did not love it.



The Practice House by Laura McNeal. Oooh. I liked this one. This one was a Kindle First book so it doesn’t actually come out until April 1, but it can be pre-ordered.

This story is about Aldine McKenna. In 1929 two Mormon missionaries come to her door in Scotland. Her sister marries one of them and goes to America. Aldine follows but doesn’t seem to fit in in New York. She answers an ad to become a schoolteacher in a small town in Kansas.

During the Dust Bowl.

She moves in with the family of the man that placed the ad. I don’t even know how to describe the rest of it. It’s about what happens when a family gets shaken up by a new arrival, and all the things that come to light when someone new looks at everything.

I recommend.



I like westerns. Goodreads recommended Hondo by Louis L’Amour. I couldn’t sleep last night, possibly because of the two cups of coffee I had on top of the latte I also had. Therefore, I walked over my dad’s Louis L’Amour library and picked up Hondo.

A good choice.

It is a typical western. If you hate those you’ll probably hate this. But it’s about a man, Hondo Lane, that comes across a woman, Angie, living alone in Apache territory, trying to raise her son because her son of a bitch husband just up and left her. (Not that I have feelings about it or anything.)

Anyway. The two of them like each other but she’s still married. And then stuff happens with Apaches and the army and that sort of thing. The nice thing about L’Amour books is that he usually tried to be fair to all the people involved in the book, and to present all sides of the story. So the Apaches aren’t just there for target practice, and Hondo can be kind of a dick, etc.

I recommend.

Those were March’s books. Maybe a little varied in subject matter, but that’s okay.

Have a good weekend!