Morning Thoughts (And a Buckskin Horse)

The dog woke me up early. She was whining. Why, I cannot fathom; but here I am, awake. It’s also not that early, but early enough. I was dreaming about stealing a dog from someone I loathe. This person doesn’t even own a dog in real life, but in Beth’s Dreamworld, that chocolate lab now belongs to me, beeyotch.

I was also rudely awoken yesterday by a dump truck and a helicopter. (The two are not related.) The dump truck drove down the alley next to the house and the helicopter was hauling something to the roof of one of the buildings downtown. Just…flying around with it.

This almost makes me miss living back in Wisconsin, where I have been woken up by:

  • Neighbor driving a tractor.
  • Turkeys.
  • Foxes.
  • A non-neighbor driving a tractor.
  • Chickens.

But no helicopters.



This horse has nothing to do with any of that, but goddamnit, isn’t that a pretty horse? We were all (and I mean all of us. It’s like the Clampetts Take Wyoming over here.) driving around and my dad stopped the truck to ogle at some sort of mechanical thing and I looked out the other window and saw this majestic horse.


That is one arena in which Wyoming kicks the crap out of Wisconsin. More horses. Also warmer weather. And no wood ticks.



It’s St. Paddy’s day. I am making beer bread and Guinness Chocolate Cake. If you have never had Nigella’s Guinness Chocolate Cake, you ain’t livin’ right, my friend.

The only problem is that I couldn’t find a single can of Guinness. I had to buy the 4-pack. (And I did not get carded, which is just sad. Throw me a bone, people.)

That is one arena in which Wisconsin kicks the crap out of Wyoming. Booze selection. Wisconsinites are professional drinkers and we have the variety to prove it.


So that shall be my day today. Baking cake. I shan’t complain about that.

Have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “Morning Thoughts (And a Buckskin Horse)

  1. Clampetts Take Wyoming! Bah! Was Granny sitting in the rocking chair in the back of the truck?

    You, obviously, had the better scenery outside your window. The horse is indeed majestic.

    Beer bread and Guinness Chocolate Cake? Life is good in Wyoming.

    1. If it weren’t so windy here we would have probably already figured out a way to put a chair in the back of the truck. More seating!

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