The Stone Barn // McCullough Peaks

While the location may have shifted 1,000 miles to the west, that does not mean my life has suddenly become interesting. The husband got himself a j-o-b, so that means things are pretty much back to normal. (Except that we’re living with my parents for the time being, so I get to be one of those unfortunate Oh, you live with your parents? people.) There is a bonus to such a thing, however. My parents know where all the cool stuff is. A few weeks ago we all went out see the stone barn in the McCullough Peaks.

(So far I’ve spelled that wrong twice.)

Normally I’m all about hiking, but the barn is in the middle of East Jesus Nowhere. Therefore, we took out the 4-wheelers. (Also, there are snakes. Not right now in the winter, but still. Rattlesnakes. Yay.)

The camera came along with me (obviously) and while I took many pictures and saw many things, here’s why that was a very bad idea:

  • 4-wheelers + wind + semi-arid landscape = lots of dust
  • Dust = bad for camera

My camera (Pentax K-3) is weatherproof, meaning that the camera itself is sealed against water and dust. I am too cheap to buy weatherproof lenses, however, and oh my sweet lord in heaven the camera was put through the wringer. My lens still makes a creaking sound when I zoom in and there’s still schmutz inside the viewfinder; stuff that worked its way in around the lens.

Note to self and others – put your damn camera away while on an ATV. You’re welcome.

Eventually we got to the stone barn. It was built by Frank Gilmore in 1904 for the purpose of breeding horses. Now it’s on BLM land and open to the public.

Hearing the wind whistle through there was a mite unsettling.

We put over 20 miles on the 4-wheeler by the time we made it back to the truck. It was also a smidge muddy out there.

That we were even able to go out and do such a thing in February floors me. Last February I was out hiking in the snow.

The cold that hit me within 5 days of ATVing in February was surely coincidental.

See you later!

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  1. Last weekend, I was in Florida enjoying the sweet smell of orange blossoms and now I’m reading about McCullough Peaks. What a contrast!

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